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Meet Dr. Jill Slutak, Harrisburg Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Jill Slutak, Harrisburg, PA chiropractor and people-passionate community supporter! While Dr. Jill Slutak has been practicing chiropractic for over ten years, chiropractic care has been in her family since she was a little girl.

Harrisburg chiropractor Dr Jill Slutak as a young girl

You wouldn’t know it now, but when Dr. Jill’s Uncle Arnold introduced her to chiropractic care, she was so nervous and fidgety when it was her turn to get adjusted. Even though her little girl mentality had her partially convinced Uncle Arnold would “snap her neck off”, it was those early childhood experiences that began her fascination with chiropractic care.

Through her teenage years, Dr. Jill took an interest in psychology and ultimately decided to go to medical school. During her undergraduate education, her major shifted from psychology to biology, but she was still on the path to medical school until she got a job in a hospital. The more Dr. Jill worked in the hospital the more discouraged she got: bureaucracy, insurance companies controlling patient treatments, unnecessary paperwork… it all felt like maybe medical school wasn’t the path for her, after all.

Instead, Dr. Jill got a job working in the pharmaceutical industry. While she knows there are some amazing drugs on the horizon that will surely benefit the masses, she couldn’t help feeling like in general, people were being over-medicated through symptom treating, rather than finding and treating root causes.

These life experiences are what inspired Dr. Jill to attend New York Chiropractic College and become one of Harrisburg’s most respected chiropractors. Through spinal screenings, healthy living workshops, and chiropractic care, Dr. Jill helps her patients improve their day-to-day lives from the roots up. Tara Brown, who left this 5-star review on Facebook, feels a positive impact on both her mobility and strength as a result of her treatments with Dr. Jill:

A happy chiropractic client gives Dr. Jill a raving review as a Harrisburg chiropractor

Some other fun things about Dr. Jill:

  • Dr. Jill loves music and is very talented at rewriting song lyrics for special events

  • Dr. Jill’s dog Bean is Facebook-famous for her helpful and fun videos

  • Dr. Jill loves spending time with her new husband Rich, her family, friends, and doggos

To learn more about the chiropractic services Dr. Jill offers, please visit our Services Page!


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